A conversation last Thursday:


“Are you happy school’s about to be out?”


“Really? You’re not ready for summer?”

“Well, I’m kind of excited but I’m kind of not excited, too.”


“Because I’m going to miss Mrs. B.”

“Me, too. She’s a good teacher.”

“She’s the best teacher ever. I wish she could be my teacher next year.”


No argument from me. When your son is not ready for summer vacation because he loves his teacher so much, you have succeeded — wildly — as a teacher. Mrs. B is the best teacher ever, and I’m so thankful both of my kids had her for 2nd grade. She’s the kind of teacher we’ll send a graduation announcement to, along with a heartfelt thank-you note, when each kid is a high school senior. Because even after 13 years of public school, she’ll probably still have been the best.

Thanks, Mrs. B.


Who was your favorite teacher from childhood? What made him or her great?


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