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It’s Gemini time, my favorite time of the year! Or at least it usually is — it’s my birthday month and I love the fun, flirty energy Gemini always brings (not to mention the presents and the cake). But I’m […]

Whatever you’re doing Sunday, be prepared for some surprises — your plans are going to be eclipsed (literally) by some hot planetary action. The Sun is moving into Gemini, and there’s also a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini the […]

We’re coming up on the Cusp of Energy — that hazy zone a few days before and after the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20. The idea of being born on the cusp between two zodiac signs confuses some […]

Okay, I already was whining about Venus Retrograde yesterday, so I’ll try keep this short. But the thing is, it’s kind of a big deal. I’m on high love anxiety wondering if my boyfriend is going to call and tell […]

I’m on high love alert! Venus is going retrograde in the spastic sign of Gemini on Tuesday, May 15, and frankly I’m offended. Just when my love life is finally going good, here comes the planet of backward romance and […]