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Venus in Taurus at Tarot.comSo it’s Tax Day in the U.S. But more importantly, Venus — the planet that rules love and money — is moving into Taurus, the sign that is best at handling love and money. What a sweet cosmic coincidence!

When Venus moves into Taurus this Monday, April 15, many of us (myself included) will be scrambling to finish our taxes at the last-minute, which is often when we make the most mistakes.

But the good news is that Taurus is very earthy and business-minded, with a savvy and practical approach to money matters. Taurus is known for managing money well because having it is such a vital part of their physical well-being.

After all, Taurus is the most sensual sign — the sign that loves the finest things in life, and those things are usually the most expensive things in life. So in order to afford them, well, Taurus has evolved into the most financially astute zodiac sign.

Having Venus in Taurus on Tax Day will surely help the paperwork process go smoother, and it may even help you figure out how to work out a bigger tax refund. Score!

But that’s not all — don’t forget, I also said Venus rules love — and it’s a super-sexy sign. So if you hurry up and finish your taxes already, there’s some pure pleasure to be had once you file.

Venus will be in Taurus through May 9, so be sure to indulge your senses with fine things over the next three weeks. Think gourmet dinners and champagne and cashmere and chocolates and expensive perfume.

You can afford all this with the big refund you’ll get with help from Venus in Taurus, right?!

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