Cosmic Candor

Money stresses me out. They say it’s the root of all evil, right? And while I don’t necessarily think of it as “evil,” per se, I certainly don’t have enough of it myself. And I’m well aware of how much stress and suffering is felt by those who are forced to go without due to a lack of funds.

What’s my point? Well, Venus just moved into Taurus, and while many know Venus as the love planet, it’s also the money planet. And Taurus is a sign that sure knows how to handle money because their physical comfort and well-being relies on it.

Basically, what this means is that while Venus is in Taurus our relationship with money will come into focus, and it can be even more complicated than romance.

Money gets a bad rap much of the time, but the fact is … cash is comforting. Just like Venus in Taurus is comforting.

Venus in Taurus is about enjoying both the finer things in life — which often cost money — but it’s also about reconnecting with simple pleasures, which are often free.

Finding balance between these two points and recognizing the value of money without becoming greedy is essential to experiencing the true joy of Venus in Taurus — that is things like touching and being touched, the taste of chocolate on the tongue or a big bunch of fragrant flowers.

I cut lilacs from my mom’s back yard yesterday, and it didn’t cost a cent. But the scent was priceless.

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