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Weekly Astrology Overview for March 4, 2013 at Tarot.comI don’t believe in fairy tales. I’m a little too jaded at this point in my life to believe in things like fated love or forever soul mates. But according to Astrologer Maria DeSimone, this week might change my mind.

That’s because the planets are setting us up for lots and lots of sweet, sweet love, starting today. And you know what? I’ll take seconds.

Today is Monday, March 4, and love planet Venus is in Pisces and forming a square with lucky planet Jupiter. This combination is known for resulting in over-the-top expressions of love. HINT HINT dear boyfriend, I AM WAITING.

Of course, this aspect is also known to enhance our cravings for sweets, so if I don’t hear anything special from my man today, well, I can at least bury my face in a sugar-frosted cupcake.

Even better news is that the rest of the week is just as magical as today — especially Friday, when Saturn will be at a perfect sextile to Pluto that gives us the power to achieve almost anything we put our mind to.

Go on, eat your dessert first!

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