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Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes for November 2012Well, it seems everyone around me is lashing their tongue swords today, and as I reported yesterday I know this is because of Mercury moving into scathing Scorpio.

I’m doing it myself, too. I’ve said a few bitchy things today, but fortunately I’m directing my own bitterness and anger toward celebrity hairstyles instead of stabbing anyone I know with the verbal daggers. I mean, c’mon Snooki. Is Bozo the Clown your fashion muse?

Where was I? Oh right. Unfortunately, I’m still in a semi-fight with my boyfriend, too. We’re getting together tonight and I’m worried I’m going to say something awful because I’m still so mad.

What’s worse is that with Mercury Retrograde, it’s more likely that I’ll say something earnest and heartfelt in hopes of coming to a mutual understanding, but he’ll take it the wrong way. He’s one of those people they call “men” who gets defensive and angry when I say I’m upset about anything, no matter how tenderly I state it.

My theory is simply that men are problem solvers, so when a woman says she’s upset and the man can’t solve the problem, it makes him feel bad and at fault and down on himself, so he then gets upset himself. I guess I sort of get it, even if I don’t like it or think it’s fair.

Anyhow, the point is that we need to talk about a few things, and the cosmic conditions could not be any worse for doing so. This tiny little disagreement could blow up big if I’m not careful.

If I were smart, I’d call in sick with him tonight, turn off the phone, unplug the computer and stay home with my lips firmly pressed together for the next few weeks. How smart am I? Tune in tomorrow, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, read your MRx Horoscope again — I’m going to!

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