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Get Fall Feng Shui tips from Tarot.comFall is really starting to take hold here in Portland, Oregon. We’ve had the most beautiful summer and early fall — in fact, I went camping on the Oregon coast just this past weekend and it was 75 degrees at the beach. But the dreary drizzle is back today, and I slipped into a sweater and boots for the first time in many months.

Also for the first time in many months, I plan to spend some good quality time at home this weekend. Summer often becomes such a fun and fast-paced blur of sunny outdoor activities that there’s no time to keep up with your chores. My house has been neglected for months, and it needs some scrubbing and organizing.

Every year at this time I spend a couple of days preparing for fall — you know, putting all my summer clothes and sandals in storage and hauling out my winter coats and shoes. Mopping the floors and shampooing the rugs to prepare for getting cozy and cuddling up inside during winter. That kind of thing.

Well, this year I’m going to take it one step further and make some fall Feng Shui adjustments to my home. I just read this great article about how you can use certain colors and lighting to improve the flow of energy in your house, which will make you feel better when the days are short and the cold nights feel far too long.

There are some great, easy tips here — simple things like where to place a vase or photograph to instantly perk up your life and mind. And there are some more complicated suggestions, too — such as repositioning 27 items in your home to invite auspicious changes into your life.

The idea behind that is 2 + 7 = 9, which is the number of longevity in Feng Shui. And I’m into it, even though I don’t think I actually have 27 things I can move. Unless you count shoes, in which case I was planning on doing that anyway.

See, I’m already a Feng Shui master and I didn’t even know it. Bring on the good luck!

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