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Read your Weekend Love Horoscope at Tarot.comIt’s only Thursday, but I’ve got my eye on the weekend. Yesterday I told you how excited I am for Friday’s New Moon in Leo and the boost of creative energy it will bring. But I didn’t mention the positive affect it will have on our relationships this weekend.

Love is hard, but somehow a Leo New Moon makes it easier. Lovers get more playful and romantic, and doubt and confusion take a back seat to companionship and affection.

That’s all well and good, but this particular New Moon in Leo also has some other aspects lovers will like, too.

Mars and Saturn are forming favorable sextiles to this roaring Leo New Moon that will encourage us to express ourselves and truly speak from the heart. It’s quite possible we’ll have the opportunity for a completely fresh start in relationships.

I’m one of those people who has trouble communicating my needs to my partner, so this sounds like good news to me. In fact, my boyfriend holds a lot in, too, and I feel like we could use a heart-to-heart talk. This looks like a great weekend for it!

If you’re hoping to make a fresh connection with your own partner, or if you’ve been wanting to tackle a tough issue, take advantage of this loving Leo New Moon and don’t be afraid to make a bold move.

Leo is all about heartfelt expression, so go ahead and put yourself out there. I know I’m going to. Good luck!

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