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Read your Weekend Love Horoscope at Tarot.comIf you can get out of town with your sweetie this weekend, you should do it. Take a road trip, book a room at a cozy hotel, or at the very least go on a picnic or a moonlight bike ride. Just do something fun, funny and random  together — because boredom is love’s enemy this weekend.

My own boyfriend is out of town this weekend, so I guess I’m safe from the relationship dolldrums.  But the rest of you — couples and singles — listen up!

The trouble starts with today’s Scorpio Moon, which may dredge up some powerful emotions. But the main problem is you’ll be feeling all these feelings, yet you won’t want to talk about them.  You’re not ready.

Ride it out, because the overwhelming feelings will subside by Saturday, when the Moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius. The good new is, by then you’ll be so sick of thinking and feeling that you’ll just want to seek some thrills.

This is why I recommend breaking from routine this weekend: If you and your partner stick to the same old, same old dinner-movie-sofa date, the boredom could take the steam out of your weekend. Boredom is not hot.

Communication also gets a boost on Saturday from Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun, so if you really need to talk about something, this is a good day to do it — and even better if you’re shacked up in a sweet hotel room and having fun at the same time.

If you’re single, Saturday is simply a good day to meet new people and try new things, too. The Moon’s aspects with Uranus and Jupiter arouse our interest in foreign people, food, music and art, so maybe you’ll meet an exotic stranger!

On Sunday, the Moon opposite Venus in Gemini  brightens everyone’s overall mood and makes lovers flirtatious, so maybe you’ll decide to extend your weekend trip by an extra day! I would if I were you, because you’ll need your rest for the intense week ahead!

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