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Learn your Venus sign and what it means at Tarot.comLove planet Venus went direct in my personal Sun sign of Gemini yesterday, and that means we’re all going to want to make plenty of mental connections when it comes to romance.

This is likely going to affect me and my Gemini brethren the most, but pretty much anyone in love with love is going to want to talk for hours, flirt and giggle and ask lots of questions. Venus in Gemini is a lighthearted transit when it comes to love, and I’ll take it!

Of course, in my own birth chart, Venus is in earthy Taurus, which means my personal preference when it comes to romance is much more grounded.

Venus in Taurus is sensual and affectionate, and very practical. We take our relationships seriously, and we also take our need to cuddle up in bed with our partner seriously — especially if a pizza is involved.

When I learned I have Venus in Taurus, it was like a love lightbulb going off in my head — OF COURSE, I thought. This is why I’m not as flirty and lighthearted in love, and I’m more interested in developing long-term relationships than some airy Gemini can be.

See where Venus is in your birth chart and study up on it! It’s fun to find out if you’re the kind who likes love filled with passion and fire (hello, Venus in Aries!) or if you’re more on the nurturing side, like Venus in Cancer. You can find out your Venus sign and what it means at the link below!

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