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Read your Venus Retrograde in Gemini Horoscope at Tarot.comI’m on high love alert! Venus is going retrograde in the spastic sign of Gemini on Tuesday, May 15, and frankly I’m offended. Just when my love life is finally going good, here comes the planet of backward romance and rocky relationships to mess it all up. Meh.

Actually, it’s not really so bad. I’m just worried because I’m a Gemini myself and I don’t need any more love jitters. (I’m also being a little bit melodramatic, but that can also be explained by my Leo rising.)

So what’s the real deal with Venus Retrograde?

Basically, from May 15 to June 27, the love planet is putting a go-slow sign on our love lives. Instead of moving forward with relationships and romance or meeting someone new, we’re more likely to find ourselves looking back.

We can expect old friends and lovers to call or show up or reappear on Facebook asking to reconnect (unless of course you’ve blocked them, as I have, because you’d rather reconnect with with the stomach flu than THAT GUY.)

And in addition to old flames coming out of the woodwork, Venus Retrograde can also cause confusion in your current love life. Promises aren’t likely to be made, and people are less likely to commit during this time because their minds change quickly — especially in Gemini.

It’s not all bad, even if I am whining a little bit. If your relationship has gotten off track lately, this time is useful for making course corrections. And Venus Retrograde in Gemini will affect every zodiac sign differently. For example, as a Gemini it’s a good idea for me to get a makeover now! See? Not bad at all.

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