During these days between Christmas and New Year’s I would like to share with you an approach to dealing with the many changes that are occurring in our lives during these tumultuous times.
I have developed a way of using the freedom-giving messages in the Conversations with God books, and can be learned very easily.
I have created a tool that I have called The Change Process. It invites you to change your present experience of life by changing your present perspective about life. Nothing in your exterior reality may change, but much in your interior reality will. The Process invites you to consider life-altering new ideas about yourself, about your purpose and the purpose of life in general, about how life functions, and — perhaps most impacting — about the reason that things happen and have happened in your life.

Through this simple yet profound shift, you can turn…
– Judgment into Observation
– Reaction into Response
– Fear into Adventure
– Worry into Wonder
– Boredom into Excitement
– Expectation into Anticipation
– Resistance into Acceptance
– Disappointment into Detachment
– Enragement into Engagement
– Addiction into Preference
– Requirement into Contentment
– Lack into Abundance
– Illness into Health
– Loneliness into Connectedness
– Emptiness into Fullness
– Hopelessness into Hopefulness
– Grief into Joy
– Guilt into Innocence
– Failure into Success
– Depression into Appreciation
– Sadness into Happiness
– Shame into Pride
Most wonderful of all, I have seen this process change tears into laughter in 7 minutes.
This become possible because The Change Process opens you to understanding who you are and what is happening around you, all in a new way. And it is about ending any thought you may hold that any negative feelings you are experiencing can only be changed by altering your exterior circumstances. That is simply not true. There is another way.
We’ll explore this “other way” here tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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