Why can’t the Republicans just stop it? Can’t the GOP JUST STOP IT???
Must every candidate and every race run by the Republican Party just STOP BEING UGLY and STOP THE CHARACTER ATTACKS and just STOP TRYING TO WIN ON PERSONAL ATTACKS rather than the issues?
I realize…I mean, I really do…how tough it must be to be running as a Republican in this election cycle, but goodness…I mean, really…can’t ANY member of the Republican Party rise above the tactics of Karl Rove?

Yesterday I learned that the race for the U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina just got uglier, thanks to the tactics of GOP incumbent Elizabeth Dole, who is struggling to keep her seat against a hard charge by Democrat Kay Hagan.
It seems now that Dole, whose seat was once considered safe, but who now faces a very real possibility of losing to Ms. Hagan, has turned to the strategy of GOP National Standard
Bearer John McCain. Namely: sling mud, get dirty, use name-calling and innuendo and character assassination, because you don’t have a leg to stand on if you talk about the issues.
So yesterday Kay Hagan said she’d had enough. Ms. Hagan has filed a defamation lawsuit against incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole for insinuating that Hagan is an atheist, and for saying that she “took Godless money” from atheists.
USAToday’s “On Politics” blog, written by Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence, says that “Dole questioned Hagan’s faith in an ad and refused Hagan’s request to take it off the air.” Hagan, a former Sunday school teacher, is now running a response ad that calls Dole’s ad “offensive” and suggests Dole broke one of the Ten Commandments, the report said.
The USAToday blog said that “Talking Points Memo” has the Dole-Hagan story and the Hagan response ad. The script: “I’m Kay Hagan, and Elizabeth Dole’s attacks on my Christian faith are offensive. She even faked my voice in her TV ad to make you think I don’t believe in God. Well I believe in God. I taught Sunday school. My faith guides my life, and Senator Dole knows it. Sure,politics is a tough business, but I approve this message because my campaign is about creating jobs and fixing our economy — not bearing false witness against fellow Christians.”
I am just so sorry that so many of the Republican Party’s candidates in this election just don’t seem to know how to get out of the gutter. A person posting in the Comments Section of the USAToday blog said, “I hope that Elizabeth Dole loses both in the courts and at the polls.” Many people in North Carolina, judging from the blog comments on the Internet, are hoping that Ms. Dole learns a lesson from this.
Why is all this going on? Why can’t John McCain, Elizabeth Dole & Co. just stick with the issues in this campaign, instead of resorting to character assassination? Gee willikers, enough already.
Oh, by the way, excuse me for asking, but….should a person’s belief or non-belief in God even BE a campaign issue?????
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