If you serve your country in public office, as a mayor, say, or a governor, it is not “work” in the regular sense, right? I mean, politicians don’t actually “work,” right?
This is what some people think, anyway. In response to my column here yesterday about Sarah Palin, a person posting as “John” wrote..

We don’t Need any more Lawyers, as Obama and Biden. Yes, they do speak extremely well and political, and with Knowledege.
Neither one of those two guys have ever worked a day in their entire life. Politics is all they Know.
We want some people that have EXPERIENCE with REAL LIFE. People that have been, where we have been, not in college and politics all their lifes. EXPERIENCE with what we go through on a daily basis.
Now tell me that Sarah dose’nt have any EXPERIENCE. Tell me Biden knows what it’s like to raise a family,work, and contend with more than just politics.
You BETCHA I want a real Woman in office.
Simply Tired of so called smart Lawyers.

I love it! What a fantastic point of view. Barack Obama and Joe BIden have “not worked a day in their lives” because they have been in politics. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, as a mayor and a governor the past several years, apparently HAS.
Funny, the Republicans have pointing to her time as mayor of small town, and as Governor of Alaska, as part of her “experience.” Are you saying that during these years “she didn’t work a day”? Wow, what an interesting point of view. Gee, subtract those days as mayor and as governor and that makes Sarah Palin even LESS qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.
And what makes you think, John, that Joe Biden hasn’t been where we have been? Did you know that his first wife died in an automobile accident that nearly killed his sons as well? Did you know that, after that accident, Joe Biden commuted to Washington every day of his life in order to be an “at home” Dad for his sons? Did you know that he has done this all the years since, every weeknight and on weekends? Did you know that he raised his sons as a single, working parent this way for many years? Yes, John, I will tell you that “Biden knows what it’s like to raise a family, work, and contend with more than just politics.” Where have you been? How can you know Sarah Palin’s background so well, and Joe Biden’s so little?
And how dare you suggest that Sarah’s time as mayor and governor was valid “work,” but that Joe’s time in the U.S. Senate was not? Wow….what an interesting point of view.
But John, just what DO you consider real life experience? Oh, wait, I know….taking a rifle up in a helicopter and shooting wolves from the air! Yeah, THAT’S it! THAT’S the ticket! THAT’S what I call real American, real life experience. Yippee! Let’s shoot wolves and kill ’em from helicopters! Yea!
Then there was this, from “White Cloud…”


Uh….um….Dear White Cloud…please tell me that you DO know that Sarah Palin is NOT the first female candidate for VP, right? I mean, uh….you do know that, don’t you….? So that is NOT the reason people are “picking on her.” People are picking on her because she doesn’t make sense when she talks. What’s so hard to admit about that? Read her statements above.

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