The word “theology” has been defined as “God Logic,” or, more loosely, the knowledge or knowing of the Divine. Today we embark on this more seriously in this space than ever before.
Today we shall open a deep discussion of the entire basis of The New Spirituality. That basis can be summarized in the Twelve Foundational Truths, which are:
1. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is. This One Thing may be called The Essence. It is the Source of All Life. It IS Life, is the never-ending process of expressing and expanding Itself.

2. The Essence that is God differentiated Itself in billions upon billions of particles or elements, rendering Itself smaller in each of its Aspects than The Whole.
3. These Aspects of Divinity were imbued with varying degrees of Awareness, or what you might call Self-Consciousness. (In scientific terms, the countless elementary particles of the One Energy vibrated at differing frequencies.)
4. The process by which The Essence that is God differentiated also created what we have come to call the Space/Time Continuum, with the One Place/One Moment reality differentiating as well, producing the illusion of Here and There/Now and Then. Thus was created, from the only Where/When there is, many Where/When’s.
5. The Grand Design then called for all of the Differentiated Aspects of God to move through all of the Where/When’s of Existence, in a never-ending and joyous cycle that we call Life Itself.
6. The purpose of the Cycle of Life is to give God an experience of Itself in its Totality, over and over and over again, that It might enjoy Itself immensely in the Being of Itself in all of its Aspects.
7. This State of Pure Being (or State of Godliness) is attained through the cyclical movement of Elementary Particles of the Essential Energy–some parts of which are called Spirit and some parts of which are called Souls–through the Space/Time Continuum, which contains three realms: The Realm of the Absolute, the Realm of the Relative, and the Realm of the Absolative (both/neither).
8. “Spirits” are Elementary Particles of the Essential Energy that vibrate at frequencies similar to the Master Frequency, or Overall Frequency, of The Essence. They therefore never entirely physicalize and do not experience themselves as in any way “separate from” or “other than” The Whole. “Souls” are parts of the Spirit that vibrate at frequencies dissimilar to the Master Frequency of The Essence. This frequency of vibration allows them to (or, more correctly, causes them to) localize and physicalize, thus creating the illusion of separation from Spirit Itself, and from The Whole. This frequency variation occurs when certain particles of Spirit are spun out of the Realm of the Absolute into the Realm of the Relative–all, of course, quite by design.
9. The Realm of the Absolute may also be called the Realm of the Spiritual. The Realm of the Relative may also be called the Realm of the Physical. The Realm of the Absolative may also be called the Realm of the Spirisical (both/neither).
10. The Realm of the Spiritual is a realm of complete Knowing. The Realm of the Physical is a realm of complete Experiencing. The Realm of the Spirisical is a realm of Complete Being.
11. Knowing/Experiencing/Being are the Three Parts of God. This is the Holy Trinity, the Three-in-One Deity of which it has been written.
12. Unity is the underlying structure of the reality that we call God, “Pure Intelligence” is as close as human language can come to describing its Essential Quality; “Love” is the word we have come up with to describe Its Essential Nature. “Expansion” (what we have also called “growth” or “evolution’) is Its Essential Process. This Process is Eternal and Everlasting.
Next Sunday we will explore the many sub-elements of this theology, or way of knowing God, as Sunday School All Week continues. For now, class, you may wish to review each of the Twelve Foundational Truths of the New Spirituality and ponder their implications. There will be a test.
It is called life.
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