Have you ever asked why we have a God? Children do all the time.
The first three weeks of Sunday School All Week we have explored what Life is, and whether there is a God, and if so, what God is. Today we are going to look at a deeper question: WHY is God?
Why does God exist?
We became clear over this past month that God does indeed exist, and that God is not what many people think God is, but rather, something else altogether. God is not a Bigger, More Powerful Us, sitting somewhere on a throne in a place called Heaven.

God is an energy. God is the pure energy of Life Itself. The Essence. The All That Is. And this energy can be used and focused and manipulated and directed, to produce predictable and consistent results.
But why does God exist?
God exists because God cannot NOT exist. There is only one thing God cannot do, and that is to not exist. God can do anything else but that.
Something that IS cannot “not be.” It simply IS, and that is that. There is no answer to the Why of it. It’s like asking, Why is the sky up? Or, Why is the Sun the sun? Things are what they are, the way they are. God is what God is, the way God is. Asking “Why?” is an exercise in pointlessness.
That Which Is has no reason for being. Nor does it have anything that created it. It always was, is now, and always will be. Why? Because.
Just because.
Now…the fact that there is no why to God does not mean that God does not have a purpose or a function. And we will be exploring both of those (they are not the same thing) on the next two Sundays. Yet the question of why will always and continually go unanswered.
I have become very clear that “Why?” is the most pointless and powerless question in daily life. It might have some value in a laboratory, or in certain technological applications, or in medicine, etc. – but in day-to-day living, there is almost never a reason to ask it that will benefit us as much as asking a far more powerful question: What?
Often people ask, “Why” is a thing the way it is? Yet the really powerful question is, “What” do you want it to be? What do you choose? What do you wish to now create? These are life’s most powerful questions. So let’s see if this applies to the matter of God.
Instead of asking “Why does God exist?”, we might more profitably ask, “What do we want God to exist AS?” As a dictator? As a ruler and “boss of all things?” As a judge and jury, condemner and punisher? As a loving and caring and ever-present helper and source of strength?
In your own life, instead of asking, “Why did such-and-such happen?”, it might be far more beneficial to ask, “What do I choose to happen next?” The very act of announcing it begins to create it (call it forth).
More on all this during the coming days, as Sunday School All Week continues.
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