Are “soul mates’ real? Now there’s an interesting question on the day before Valentine’s Day! And my happy answer is: Yes!
Wednesday is Question and Answer Day on the blog…a time for exploring many of the questions that people have recently asked about the nine Conversations with God books and the New Spirituality. Here’s this week’s entry…
Question: Hello Neale…Lately…I have been wondering about the difference between one’s “other” and one’s “soul mate.”

I was fascinated and intrigued by your response on Ask Neale to another writer which touched upon the concept of soul-mates or twin souls as individuated bodies being of the same soul or arising from the same energy “cluster,” a localized aspect of essence energy. I had never quite thought of essence energy in this way before, and I wonder if you might expound upon this in more detail and on the concept of soulmates in general especially as it relates to the concept of one’s “other.”
It seems to me that soul mates or twin souls are more than just identical personality types. For example, we are never hard pressed to find those who share identical traits such as creativity, outgoing nature, etc. but soul mates seem to experience something deeper than similar personalities. They seem to experience such an undeniably powerful and palpable energy exchange, an immediate, uncanny recognition almost as if they have met before. So, in your opinion, is a soul mate the same as one’s “other”?
And, while we are on this fascinating subject, how many soul mates does an individuated aspect of divinity have in one life cycle? How likely are they to meet in current reality? Are there factors which create a greater likelihood for their meeting in this time-space reality to occur? It is true that everyone experiences synergistic energy exchange with everyone around them, but this is different, is it not? In your own words, what happens when soul mates actually meet for the first time? And, this may be too personal, and if it is please disregard, but I am sure everyone here is as curious as I am, so, have you ever met a soul mate? If so, what did it feel like?
Thank you for sharing your awareness with us on this most appropriate Valentine’s Day subject. I appreciate you very much.
Love and Peace,
Neale’s Response: Dear Michelle…First let me say that I definitely believe that what we popularly call “soul mates” absolutely exist. And I agree with you that soul mates have more in common than simply similar personalities and tastes.
Yes, it is true that everyone is participating in a Synergistic Energy eXchange (S.E.X.) in every moment. But I agree with you — this is different. I believe that “soul mates” are “connected” in an entirely different way, a larger way, a deeper way than two human beings who simply happen to meet.
I think they are, quite literally, two expressions of the Same Energy Unit. I think it is as if a cluster of energy from God was busted up somehow, and then a couple of the pieces from that cluster floated in the ether back to each other. Of course, they “recognize” each other immediately. They feel the same, they act the same, they think the same, they ARE the same!
The connection is exquisite, inexplicable, and undeniable. When such a thing occurs, everyone else had better get out of the way, because there is hardly a force in the Universe that can stop the reuniting of such souls at some level. This does not necessarily have to be physical or sexual, but it will be palpable and very present in their experience.
I do not know of any particular circumstances or conditions or factors in this physical life or environment that could make it more likely that soul mates would reconnect. I do believe there is no limit to the number of soul mates we are able to connect with in a lifetime…but I also believe that such connections are very rare. So the average person might have one — or none — over the course of a single incarnation. Yet there are cases where a person might make two or three such connections across his or her life…and sometimes this can happen during the same period of time — making life quite interesting.
I think that our soul mate IS our “Other.” I think the Otherhood is more than simply Compatibility Lane or Easy Street. It is not simply that someone is easy to get along with, or compatible in many ways. It goes way past that, way beyond that. The Otherhood is not just a street, it is a whole environment. It is the environment of the soul, and the atmosphere is, as I said, very rare.
Yes, I know about this experience on a personal level. I can try to describe it to you. Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, I will attempt to do that.
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