Wednesday is Question and Answer Day on the blog…a time for exploring many of the questions that people have recently asked about the nine Conversations with God books and the New Spirituality. Here’s this week’s entry…
Topic: Wanting and Choosing
Question asked by: Richard Conrad
Question:I have read and listened to your series. I, too, have been on a search for the truth for many years. What is getting in the way for me is “who is Jesus”? I have always believed Jesus was the Son of God. But I always had problems with the teachings of the Bible. In some parts Jesus is all love, in other parts more like the Old Testament God.

I have come to believe that the Bible is not infallible. Do you feel that Jesus is an “enlightened soul” and not the only “Son of God”? I can’t imagine that we are all “Sons of God”. Half the time I’m confused and lost, the other half I feel like I’m on the right track. I don’t feel like I’m ever going to be enlightened and I have a hard time even slightly comparing myself to Jesus, although there is no one I would rather be like.
Can you offer any insights? Thank you, Rick.

Neale’s Response:
Dear Rick… Conversations with God says that Jesus was the sacred Son of God — an individual aspect of the Divine — and that we all are. If it is true as you say it is that there is no one you would rather be like than Jesus, I wish to make the gentle suggestion that it is possible to do so. How? Simply move through your life seeking to follow the example that he left for all of us.
If Jesus did not think that human beings — regular ordinary people such as you and me — could “meet up to” his standards, he would never have invited us to try to do so. If Jesus did not think that regular human beings could achieve a level of spiritual mastery similar to the level to which he had risen, he would never have suggested that we could. I suggest that we take Jesus at his word and do not second-guess him on this.
Each day, work hard to live up to the examples of compassion and love, understanding and forgiveness that Jesus gave us. Oh, and by the way, you can ask for Jesus’ help with this. Just say, “Jesus, help me be more like you,” and don’t be surprised to feel yourself overcome with feelings of deep inner peace and wonderful loving kindness.
You may pray to your ancestors as well. And to all the saints in heaven. You may even ask your holy Self for help. In this way: “Dear God, who resides in me as me and works through me in every moment of my life, help me to be more like Jesus, and like all the saints and sages and spiritual masters who have come before me. Bring me the gentleness of Buddha, the conviction of Moses, the love of Jesus, the strength of Muhammad, the awareness of Baha ‘U’Allah. Shower me with the insights of the Q’uran, of the Bible, of the Upanishads, of all Sacred Scriptures of all religions. Bring me the wisdom and the insight — but, mostly, the love and compassion, the caring and the gentle kindness — that all spiritual teachings invite us to experience in, as, and through ourselves. This I ask in the name of all that is good and holy and divine. Amen, and amen.”
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