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February 2011 Archives

“Pray for the creation of SisterHope, an informal group to help and connect with women who struggle with church or are afraid to go to church.” Posted by HappyYap

“My daughter’s fiance has just been diagnosed with ALS.” Posted by calicodot

“Please pray for my son, Daniel. He did a ‘favor’ for a friend and got mixed up in her legal problems.” Posted by bookwrm1958

“Pray for peace to those who find they have cancer.” Posted by BEB

“Gloria is in her 60s …. We all love her so much. We were told to come say our goodbyes. Please pray for her sons and her husband.” Posted by sparklesann2

“She is 5 months pregnant and has a rare blood disorder that fights against the baby.” Posted by kellers

“My sister Renee was diagnosed with colon cancer last April.” Posted by keepingthefaith

“All we want for him is to be clean and sober off of drugs and living the life he was meant to have.” Posted by sweetee

“On 2/18/11 we will be married a year and were already thinking about divorce.” Posted by K_ARMSTRONG

“An immediate need for a steady income/job to support me and my elderly Mom.” Posted by Iseult