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December 2010 Archives

“I have a unique endocrinological condition where my body secretes highly excessive amounts of cortisol (hypercortisolism). I have had this disorder since 2002 (severely since 2004).” –grampsone

“I am a single mother barely making it. I am trying to get my career off the ground and move toward inner happiness and relationship success.” –Schavonne

“That my wife would turn her heart back unto God.” –JAMESBOX56

“I am self sabotaging myself and all of my relationships (family/friend), they say I am becoming a negative dark person. I am desperately searching for salvation, comfort, compassion, patience, hope, guidance.” –spdgurl

“Our beloved S. is bravely enduring a rare and terrible illness that presents her with daily pain and uncertainty.” –solange

“Her husband of 12 years wants a divorce and she still loves him; they have one child together.” –sherrlynn

“Dear God, please send your Holy Spirit in the mind of our Gabriel. Help him to remember what he learns.” –tiloulovelove

“This is for all of those who are experiencing difficulties.” –World_Unity

“While I have made some mistakes, I have tried to live an upright life and be a good man.” –onyx269

“We have been together for 8 years and have a wonderful little boy. We barely get along.” –consecrated