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November 2010 Archives

“To help him in his first year of college. His first time away from home.” –bbujan Add your prayers now

“Father I pray for all who are struggling in their marriages because their spouse has left them.” –NevergiveuponGod Add your prayers now

“I am creating this prayer circle for my beloved grandfather who has been in the hospital for almost 2 months now.” –freshflower Add your prayers now

“Need a team of God’s holy warriors to hit their knees and help me and my wife through our darkest hour…Please accept this request in the name of Jesus, the one that died on the cross that we might live.” […]

“He is a good person, and would be a model employee to an employer.” –mconnall Add your prayers now

“Let us look around and know that you are God and we thank you for another day. Let us know that joy comes in the morning and you do answer our prayers. Bless us in great abundance dear Lord in […]

“Please help me to pray for my mother. She is very scared. Her two sisters both died from cancer. She needs faith and strength, Lord.” –ajanebphillips777 Add your prayers now

“You were more than I prayed for and I am a better woman because of you.” –Mhaw Add your prayers now

“Marriage fell apart, we moved on and now do we get back together or keep moving forward?” –jenniferAP Add your prayers now

“I am asking for your prayers in landing a job. I have tried to be hopeful.” –Normair Add your prayers now