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March 2010 Archives

“My mother has lost her hearing in her right ear. She has total hearing loss in her right ear.” –ghosting_miranda Add your prayers now

“Please pray for my teenage son Devon. Lately he is being very rebellious with parties and chasing after girls.” –divainprayer Add your prayers now

“My stepfather, Thomas, has prostate cancer among other ailments, My mother, Bonny, is struggling to work with a disk disgenitve disease and my brother, Steven, a downs-autism diabetic, needs prayer.” –heartfulofprayers Add your prayers now

“I have been so overworked at my job that I have been sick, had to go on short-term disability, and now that I’m back, I’ve been pushed until I now have strep throat.” –radams36 Add your prayers now

“Please pray for the physical and emotional healing of my soul and body. I am lost, scared, and confused.” –dthinks Add your prayers now

“Please pray for Felipe Martinez who is living with cancer.” –faith99 Add your prayers now

“I lost my mother on January 1, 2010. I miss her. Prayers for my Dad – Trent, and my sister – Lorraine are requested in this time of mourning.” –Amaranth54 Add your prayers now

“Pray for a family that I know that has been in turmoil for the past 4 years after the tragic deaths of two family members.” –glassrose106 Add your prayers now

“I have a close friend who was in an accident and could really use a few extra prayers. Thank you so much for your kindness.” –Dreamweever2 Add your prayers now

“We don’t always understand why things happen, but God does. I was reminded of this today…My husband fell off the roof fixing Christmas lights and broke his wrist and maybe foot.” –Jpolimino Add your prayers now