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January 2010 Archives

“My wonderful husband who is trying to overcome an addiction.” – Add your prayers now

“This is for my best friend who lost her son, he was 27 years old. She’s not holding up well.” –quietcloud Add your prayers now

“I am praying for protection for my 6 year-old daughter from her father. I had to obtain a 2nd restraining order on him after he threatened me.” –snowbound2 Add your prayers now

“Kuddley Kritters Animal Rescue – praying for the animals – that they will find a new home before they are kicked out their present one in April.” –dbtyon Add your prayers now

“I am a newly divorced mother of 3 (including 2 special needs children). Currently in school and trying to start a business.” –anewlife4me Add your prayers now

“Please, your prayers are urgently needed. We’re an honest hardworking family. We’re just in serious trouble – We have 14 days or the IRS is going to take everything.” –lpuggle Add your prayers now

“Please pray for me! I have been without work for two years – I am alone, thousands of miles from a family estranged after the death of my closest sibling.” –sudanym Add your prayers now

“15 year-old boy struggling with school, home, and medicine.” –fricky Add your prayers now

“I need everyone’s prayers for my daughter. She suffers from depression – has been using what she calls recreational drugs for years.” –tres9854 Add your prayers now

“Please pray that he remains as comfortable and painfree as possible until we can get to the vet. He is nearing the end of the struggle.” –mistletoe313 Add your prayers now