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December 2009 Archives

“Please pray that Lisa L., will be freed from ungodly fear.” –littleleap Add your prayers now

“Please pray for him. He has been fighting this addiction for several years now. He has lost everything, even his 5 year old daughter whom he can’t see anymore because of his addiction.” –cheyenne43 Add your prayers now

“Throughout my life I have always been emotionally sensitive…would appreciate any prayers, loving energy, advice or good words that anyone would send my way.” –jillianchan Add your prayers now

“Jacquline is a young girl battling Ewing’s Sarcoma and has been really brave and endured much pain. Now her parents find they need to take her away from Hawaii for treatment.” –cassan Add your prayers now

“May we all feel at one moment or another on this journey the true act love.” –delta74 Add your prayers now

“She needs strength to move on, she is very stuck. Doesn’t want to leave her children, but needs to leave an abuser.” –moonstar21 Add your prayers now

“May we find the patience to hear one another speak without interruption. May we find the grace to not judge those we say we love. May we find the courage to stand by our loved ones on those challenging days.” […]

“May they both be safe, may they both be happy, may they both be healthy, and most importantly, may they both be at ease.” –delta74 Add your prayers now

“Needs prayers to help her eat, take her meds and drink fluids. My poor mother needs prayers from everyone to help her recover from Alzheimers.” –pookiewookie Add your prayers now

“Garth has been the victim of alcoholic parents and endured a childhood of neglect and abuse. He started drinking and drugs at an early age.” –mushcat Add your prayers now