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November 2009 Archives

“Alice and William need prayers on getting their car fixed and getting it inspected.” –damaris77 Add your prayers now

“My son is going to trial on Dec 1st for something he did not do. Please pray that the truth be told.” –pfm541 Add your prayers now

“Please pray for Tina. She is a young, vibrant woman. Has been diagnosed having massive tumors in her body. They are cancerous.” –annamg Add your prayers now

“Please pray God will help me find a job.” –salote89 Add your prayers now

Some say that “thank you” is the most powerful prayer one can make. Share your gratitude prayer. Add your prayers now

“Please pray for Tonya. A nurse with a heart of gold. She has been given a 5% chance of living.” –workwithme Add your prayers now

“I pray for my child, that he will grow to be a strong, spiritually healthy man, protected, wise, secure, and socially productive amidst divorce, differences and strain between his father and I.” –gracefullion09 Add your prayers now

“Wendy is a young woman fighting throat cancer. Her prognosis is not good.” –birdhouse Add your prayers now

“Please pray for complete healing and restoration of this marriage and for the husband to return home” –rondha Add your prayers now

“God has always been with me but I strayed off the well-light path to cross to a place I thought would be better; my own world. When the darkest hour came upon me I fearfully sought out the Lamb- he […]