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October 2009 Archives

“Depression and anxiety – this thing came on suddenly like overnight, it’s been 5 months now and I can’t fight it off.” –extremelu Add your prayers now

“I am torn between two loves. One past, one present.” –trulycoco Add your prayers now

“He handled the diagnosis, surgery, interferon and subsequent aftercare with humor, dignity, and grace beyond his 20 years. The cancer is now back.” –carolbas Add your prayers now

“I am taking my ex to court for custody of my 13 year-old son.” –singin4thalord Add your prayers now

“My husband job relocated him to GA and I had to give up my good job to move. We cannot afford to live off of one income and it has affected our credit.” –luvangels Add your prayers now

“I’ve been without work for over 2 years. Age and health problems, diabetic and having a bad back, are taking their toll on me. I need God’s help, guidance, and healing with both.” –bobd Add your prayers now

Hi, I’m a single mother of 7 kids needing your prayers for my finances. My husband just up and left us. I have no income coming in at this time.” –e.johnson Add your prayers now

“My husband has recently told me that he is only with me because of the kids. I am in desperate need of prayer.” –snapshots Add your prayers now

“I am praying that I’ll get through this hard time. Nothing feels right, I feel like I’m lost and alone, and I just want to know that God hears me.” –budgirl8 Add your prayers now

“Please pray for all the battered woman and children out there.” –childofgodreturns Add your prayers now