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September 2009 Archives

“A tragic fall left a teenager paralyzed. Please give Mason the strength he needs to recover from his tragic fall.” –beanie26 Add your prayers now

“This is a prayer for me, Crystal, as I’m desperately trying to finish college and facing obstacles.” –cagenstyle Add your prayers now

“Tony K. is a 47 year-old man recently diagnosed with stage four colon and liver cancer. This came out of the blue.” –adair Add your prayers now

“I am sending a prayer request because my Dad has had a severe stroke and is fighting his way back. I am amazed at his strength and positive attitude. His courage is inspirational.” –cathych Add your prayers now

“My wife has battled depression and poor treatment from me. Over the past year, I have changed dramatically. She is unable or unwilling to tear down the wall I helped her build. I pray that the marriage can survive.” –jeffde23 […]

“Help my husband be led to a new place where he can provide high quality support to a person of moral character.” –theresa57 Add your prayers now

“I am praying for each and everyone that is struggling with addiction and also who is fighting to getting custody of their children back.” –sweetchild Add your prayers now

“I have just learned that Matt, our friend, a father and a husband, has lost his beloved wife at the age of 37.” –sherihayes Add your prayers now

“Dear Lord, I ask that we pray for my 39 year-old cousin and her children. She is a single parent after we lost my cousin Jimmy 6 years ago from cancer – she is undergoing brain surgery for a tumor.” […]

“I have had my baby since she was 2 days old when I picked her up from the hospital. She is now 18 months. Her parents voluntarily terminated their rights and her cousin wants to adopt her now.” –mle Add […]