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“I have a friend named Oscar who is really down and discouraged due to financial difficulties and being HIV positive. He recently told me that he doesn’t want to live anymore and is so tired of trying.” –brad3600 Add your […]

“This prayer circle is a Miracle Circle, to incite a miracle for Ruth Bloom. They say her cancer is terminal and inoperable. I say there’s no such thing as ‘Can’t’”. –spellsinger Add your prayers now

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“Please pray for me as I struggle to find myself after several failed relationships! I struggle with self-esteem issues and keep finding men who treat me poorly, even though in my head I know that I deserve more.” – Add […]

“Elie’s big dream is to find a PHD thesis and get accepted. He has been working for 5 long years for it & now things are not clear anymore. Please, I beg anyone who reads this to pray for him.” […]

“This child has cancer and the doctors have given up on the treatments. She needs a miracle.” –carissima Add your prayers now

“My 19 year old son is facing twenty years in prison. He has rededicated his life to God and I’m praying for a supernatural miracle.” –winifredmitchell Add your prayers now

“This beautiful brilliant child of GOD has lost her way and has fallen into despair and self-destruction.” –w810angel Add your prayers now

“This young woman has a bright future, but is in a bad relationship, beginnings of abusive behavior is showing, belittling, control, disrespect…Please show this young woman that she has your love and family love to depend on.” –brendplus Add your […]

“A minor headache on Friday morning, ended him having a major surgery for brain hemorrhage. He is currently in Intensive Care.” –cynthial Add your prayers now