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“I ask for prayers on my behalf, God willing that my teaching license be extended, so that I can prepare for my teaching exam.” –faithzp Add your prayers now

“Please pray for my 9 month old to be healed. He has congenital heart disease and is in failure – We had no idea and are still in shock. We live overseas due to military and we are awaiting a […]

“Hi my name is Marie. I am a single mom and I lost my job. I just need you all to pray that the income I lost be restored back to us and we don’t lose our home. I am […]

“I am a young woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am alone and terrified.” –foxxigirl Add your prayers now

Why is it thought that Christ was poor? In fact, Jesus was rich, His uncle being Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph had his wealth in shipping. That is how Christ was able to have transportation whenever he required it. There is […]

“Please send your prayers for Lenny and Crystal as they go through an extremely difficult and confusing time in their marriage – I also ask for prayers for their 8 year old daughter that she will have the strength to […]

“He got hit by car on Sunday night, and the driver never stopped while he was lying on the road in pain. He’s in a coma right now.” –true01 Add your prayers now

“Innocent child caught up in custody battle – I pray that I can take his pain away.” –bele4 Add your prayers now

Who or what is the immoral woman mentioned in Proverbs 2:16-19? The woman in question is called a ‘strange’ woman in the Hebrew text. Then, in what follows in Prov. 2.17-19, it is made clear that she is an adulteress, […]

“In the hospital with gall bladder problems and in great pain – She’s 22 and has had many medical problems and life challenges.” –emenbensma Add your prayers now