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“I pray that God restores our marriage, heal us on all levels, help us to find our way back to each other.” –jlm Add your prayers now

What is meant by “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother”? One religious leader says that we are to care for them as they get older, while another says that we just have to “honor” them by avoiding being judgmental and […]

“Wife needs prayers for husband who has had terminal cancer for five years. He is totally bed ridden and blind.” –cathy1012 Add your prayers now

“I’ve been suffering from several mental disorders for a couple of years now. It’s affecting my whole life.” –livingdeadkat Add your prayers now

The doctrine of sola scriptura (or “the Bible alone”) is the sole and only authority in Protestantism. Where is this foundation of all of the Protestant beliefs given to us by a revelation from God? How do we infallibly know […]

“Katy was in a terrible car crash 6 months ago – she cannot move or speak, her doctors and our families all seem to disagree on how much of her might remain.” –standingintherain Add your prayers now

“I pray that my beautiful dog Tetley be returned to me safely – Tetly was lost on Good Friday. She is epileptic and has not had her medication since then.” –community.beliefnet.comdawn Add your prayers now

Is it wrong for a born-again, spirit filled Christian to be cremated? While it is probably not unethical for a Christian to be cremated, some Christians have strong reservations about it because it involves a living person choosing to have […]

“Brinley was born at only 27 weeks. She weighed 1lb 13oz. She is in the neo-natal intensive care unit. Bless her little heart, she has had to fight so hard.” –backslider Add your prayers now

“I am praying that the Lord would send me the man he has prepared for me. I trust God, but I am getting weary.” –holyghostgirl79 Add your prayers now