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“We have been separated since April 5, 2008. We’ve been married 10 years. I’m praying for marriage restoration.” –melanies Add your prayers now

Let’s work together on the feeling of being way too full, or stuffed. Has it happened to you, that “your eyes were bigger than your stomach,” and you took too much food for yourself, and ate the whole thing? It […]

Talk to your boss about getting some recycling bins around the office, and encourage your co-workers to use them. You can also talk to your local representatives about setting up recycling bins at malls, parks, and beaches.

I always believe that it is much better to have a variety of religions, a variety of philosophies, rather than one single religion or philosophy. This is necessary because of the different mental dispositions of each human being. Each religion […]

“My husband Tom, cancer patient – Please help his body heal completely – Please pray for peace of mind to return to our happy home so that there is no more sadness and dread, worry and fear because of this […]

Once or twice a month I am bolted awake in the middle of the night by a dream of a prowler standing outside wherever I’m sleeping that night (home, hotel, a friend’s guestroom). The prowler is fumbling with the locks […]

Get informed! Before casting your vote in November, find out where the candidates stand on environmental issues.

Some years ago I met some scientists in the United States who said that the rate of mental illness in their country was quite high – around twelve percent of the population. It became clear during our discussion that the […]

Beliefnet is pleased to present an inspirational devotional from the gifted Christian author Brian McLaren. This is week 4 of the 8 week-long devotional. If you missed the previous entries, stay subscribed to this feed to start over. Abraham leaves […]

How are Christians suppose to accept homosexuals who say they are believers in Christ Jesus and in all of what God’s Word in the BIble says about their lifestyle, but do not accept the idea that God in whatever person […]