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We loved the photos Beliefnet member Venice95 shared of her family’s hike in Black Canyon, Colorado. Check out more photos from the Black Canyon hike, or read Venice95’s journal post about her adventures here. Do you have great photos of …Read More

Check out this colorful photo of a powwow earlier this week in Houston, shared by member shawneefirebird. View the gallery for more of shawneefirebird’s powwow photos.

Beliefnet member mushcat, an artist and photographer, shares her artistic and humorous Thanksgiving vision with us: Check out more of mushcat’s art in this gallery.

We know Veteran’s Day was last week, but we were so touched by member donfofo’s stunning Veteran’s Day photo we decided to share it here anyway. Check it out: Find more inspiring photos by donfofo in his gallery here.

We know Halloween is over, but this photo of a dog in costume was too funny to ignore until next year. Check out member smayer‘s photo of her dog “Sadie the Spicy Cajun Crawfish.” Do you love dogs in costume? …Read More

Check out this adorable baby panda photo, shared by member Oddray. We’re highlighting members’ best baby animal photos in this new gallery. Plus, Beliefnet member and editor Rev. Laurie Sue shares a series of baby panda photos here.

Beliefnet member Mushcat, winner of our “Places that Make Me Happy” photo contest, shares her newest photographic inspirations: spectacular flowers. Here’s one of her many great photos: If you like what you see, check out mushcat’s complete flower photo gallery …Read More

Since today is Sunday, a day when many of our members head to church, we thought we’d feature this amusing photo from member tlm80209 , titled “Sunday Morning – Off to Church.” Is this what YOUR journey to church on …Read More

Beliefnet member meowpuff, an Interfaith Minister, shares this photo from a trip to Tanzania: Check out more of her photos in this gallery.

Today’s photo of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona comes from new member Timberline13, an avid hiker. Check out more of Timberline13’s gorgeous photos of Arizona scenery in this photo gallery.