The amazing thing about you, Beliefnet Community member, sitting there alone at your computer and reading this, is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. By Internet magic, you’re connected to multiple thousands of people worldwide. And sometimes, we get chances to harness the power of our numbers and do something that re-shapes the world into something better.
To wit: Blog Action Day. Each year, the folks at Blog Action Day recruit thousands of bloggers, podcasters, and videocasters to post about the same issue on the same day. This year, that issue is poverty, and that day is October 15. You can find out more about the event at the B.A.D. website.

Beliefnet bloggers and community members are invited to join Blog Action Day. Let me know if you plan to blog about poverty in your member journal that day, or if you plan to upload a video or audio file to your profile. I’d love to see Beliefnet make a strong showing this year, and change the global conversation about the poor by contributing to the discussion happening here in our virtual backyard.
Some topics you might consider writing about:
– How has poverty affected you personally?
– Do you know anyone living below the poverty line?
– What is your prayer for the global poor?
– What ideas do you have for addressing poverty in your region?
– What would you like to see our next president do in terms of addressing poverty?
– What would you like to see your local churches to do address poverty?
Again, give me a holler if you plan to participate in Blog Action Day. I’ll pass along the word to the folks at B.A.D.
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