Meet Ayelet2
Many people come to Beliefnet’s message boards looking for hope and solace. In 2006, a member of Beliefnet’s Mormon community was upset about having a disability and not owning a car to get around. Enter Ayelet2, a regular poster in the Mormon Debate and Mormon Issues Boards. Ayelet2 not only posted encouraging words, she organized an interfaith Beliefnet fundraiser to get the member a car, which she then drove more than 1,000 miles to deliver.
But that wasn’t enough for Ayelet2, who goes by Cyndi when she’s not in Beliefnet-land. Another Beliefnet member posted about how he was disabled and trying to raise his 7-year-old daughter. He also didn’t have a car. Ayelet2 was up to the challenge and repeated her amazing deeds, raising money for his vehicle.

What Others Say About Her
“Ayelet2 took hold of the spirit of giving,” one Beliefnet member commented, “and inspired a community that is sometimes at odds over religious differences to come together for the sake of a fellow human being…twice. And I don’t doubt that she would do it again, if she saw a need. What a friend to have!”
What Ayelet2 Has to Say
“Jesus Christ told us the two greatest commandments are to love God, and to love one another,” she says. “I try to act upon these words — to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. That can be a downright hard thing to do, but I am grateful when I encounter those who provide me the opportunity to learn how to become a better, more charitable, person.”
More About Her
When Ayelet2 isn’t astounding Beliefnet posters with her generosity, she is an avid traveler, bike-rider, and hiker. She also cultivates the relationships she’s formed on and off line with Beliefnet members. “I regularly correspond with people I’ve met on the Mormon boards — both members and those at odds with the Church — who live across the country, and across an ocean. I’ve even personally met a number of them. And we are truly friends. How cool is that?”
If you want to see Ayelet2 in action, she regularly hangs out in the Mormonism discussions.

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