When the new Beliefnet community launches later this month, there will be dozens of ways you or your group can use the site. Here are a few ways Small Groups can take advantage of the new tools.

Your existing group can have its own easy-to-use site to enrich your group experience — for free.
After you’ve created your own individual profile, select “Create a Group” at the end of the process or by navigating to our Groups page. Create a group profile, with your preferred design, web address, privacy settings, and more. Don’t forget to invite the members of your small group to join!
With Beliefnet’s small groups tool, you can:
Make arrangements easier

  • Plan your gathering. Who’s coming? Who’s bringing dessert? Can we change the meeting to 7:30?
  • Use the calendar and invitation tool. Change the time and everyone group member notified automatically.
    Post readings

  • Put this week’s readings or discussion topics online in your group journal. Group members will be able to discuss the readings, ask questions, and share comments.

    Receive inspiring readings and discussion topics to challenge your group

  • Sign up for content feeds to stimulate discussion, including daily gospel readings, spiritual photos, and more.
  • Commentaries and prompts feed directly into your group’s profile page and start page
  • Coming soon: Receive your feeds directly in the group journal — the perfect way to keep group discussion going.
    Continue the discussion
    The day after you met, did you think of something else you wanted to say? Do it here!

  • Start your own group’s private journal and forums.
    Put faith into action

  • Add a donation engine and use the group to raise money to help the poor, collect funds for your house of worship, or fund-raise for other causes.
    Maintain privacy

  • Keep your group private, with its own web address.

  • Favorite writings and more.
  • Photos, audio, video
  • Full set of social networking tools — for FREE
    Group tools include: About us, journal, forums, photo sharing, audio uploads, video, calendar, event invitations, donation tool, friend-finding, and more.
    Do you have questions about how to use Beliefnet’s community to meet the needs of your small group? Email us here.
    Stay tuned to Beliefnet for more information about launching your Prayer Group on the site in the coming weeks. In the meantime, make sure you sign up to be notified when the new site launches.

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