We had a great time in the ‘burbs of Sacramento last night in a bright, gleaming new church on a hill. After a beverage in the parking lot with some of our volunteers, we pulled out the RV for the drive to San Francisco. At about 12:45am we heard some mad flapping on the starboard side and pulled over on the side of Hwy 680 to find the canopy shade fully extended and the canopy like a torn sail in the wind. After an hour on the roof of the RV with bungee cords and rope, we were back on the road. The RV will be headed to the shop this morning.

Tonight we begin a three night stand in the Bay Area. See the right sidebar for time and venues. It should be fun as we have a lot of friends in the area. Plus, especially fun since Julie is flying out this afternoon.
In other news, there’s a nice article about the show in the Bend Bulletin. It’s hidden to non-subscribers, but you can read it on Nate’s Blog.
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