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“Fox & Friends” co-host Lawrence Jones has a passion for the Gospel, a deep-rooted faith, and a growing career that’s landed him on millions of TV screens every week. Jones recently told CBN News, “I come from generations of pastors. My mom’s a preacher, grandparents are, so, the Gospel at large — knowing who Christ is and accepting [Him] to my heart … that’s all I know.”

The 31-year-old TV host said although he grew up with the Gospel, it wasn’t until he left home and moved to Washington, D.C., and, ultimately, New York City that he fully put into practice what he had learned about God and the Bible. Jones said, “You start getting tested. For me, the faith walk became real when life became real, and when you’re alone, and you don’t have that support system being with you every single day.”

Jones, who recently released the book, “American Man: Speaking the Truth about the War on Masculinity,” said he’s not the type of person who will pretend he’s a “perfect Christian,” refusing to project a lie or mistruth. In the process, he said he’s striving to be more like Jesus every day. “Part of the Gospel itself is understanding that Christ paid it all because I’m imperfect,” Jones said. “And anytime that we try to project ourselves as these perfect beings, I think we take His glory away, because … if we have it all together, then He wouldn’t need to pay it all on the cross for our sins.”

Jones, who sees life through a biblical lens, is in a truly unique position with a prime spot on TV, delivering news and information to the masses. He called his work on “Fox & Friends” — and Fox News more broadly — an “exciting experience.” He said, “I’ve had the opportunity to grow in different ways. Obviously, starting as a contributor and then, from there, becoming Sean Hannity’s correspondent, doing my own show on Saturday, and now this incredible opportunity.” Despite all the attention and success, Jones said he hasn’t found it challenging to cling to his faith. “I don’t find it a struggle to hold on to who God has called me to be and be that person,” he said, noting he’s “proud to be a believer.”

Jones has also been able to see his faith represented on the air, with “Fox & Friends” recently hosting the network’s second annual “Faith & Friends Concert Series,” a lenten celebration featuring Christian artists from across the music spectrum. He said the faith-based music has sparked some powerful conversations.

“I think it’s been some of the most beautiful … conversations,” Jones said. “We’ve had people from our audience — messages about them crying on Sunday morning, people that haven’t been to church in a while, but we’re bringing the church to them in their living room.”

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