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With 2024 already starting, many Americans are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. Some want to practice healthier habits or spend more time with loved ones, while others want to ground themselves in faith. Tom Meyer, also called the Bible Memory Man, is known for his memory and the skills needed to recite the Bible without the printed words in front of him.

The Kentucky man spent 20 years learning 20 books of the Bible. In an interview with Fox News Digital, he said that learning God’s word by heart is a totally doable New Year’s resolution for those who are motivated to do it. He said, “He’s the most famous person in the entire world, and He wants us to put His word, His mind, His heart, in our heart — and we can do it.”

In October 2022, Meyer organized a one-time event in Dallas, Texas. During the event, seven individuals spoke the New Testament aloud on stage, solely from memory. Meyer said although it’s challenging to do, memorizing books of the Bible is possible. The Bible Memory Man shared tips for how to best execute the potential New Year’s resolution of memorizing scripture without becoming overwhelmed by the task.

His first tip is to read the scriptures aloud. He said, “We live in a world where nobody reads aloud.” Meyer said reading the scriptures aloud is one of the most efficient ways to begin memorizing them. He said this will train the mind to say words in a specific order while subsequently testing the brain. Meyer’s second tip for memorizing the Bible is to listen closely to the words.

He said about the most popular book in the world, “Originally, the Bible was meant more for the ears than the eyes.” Meyer used Mozart’s famous music to explain this analogy: On paper, it is simply music notes on a page — but when played, it is much more.

“Just listen to a chapter again over and over. You’ll get it,” he said. Meyer’s third tip is to write out the particular scripture or verse you want to memorize, adding, “When I write it, my mind, my eye, my hand, my mouth, my ear all work together in unison.” Meyer said the act of writing the words, in unison with speaking and hearing, is what will help people successfully memorize scripture. Repetition is considered meditation, according to Joshua 1:8, and through meditation, one can acquire “spiritual prosperity.”

Meyer said, “You can do it. I can do it.” He also said by memorizing just one verse a week, a person could memorize an entire book of the Bible in just one year. He said, “Doing so has so many benefits. It makes us better citizens because we keep God’s law.”

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