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The producer of a new documentary movie about the Bethlehem star says he believes technology and science can affirm the reliability of the Bible and be a powerful tool to draw skeptics into the church. The film “God of Heaven and Earth” offers a compelling case of how the three Wise Men followed astronomical events in the sky to travel miles from the East to worship the Christ child.

The film says that according to the theory, those events culminated in Jupiter “stopping” over Bethlehem on Dec. 25, 2 B.C. The star described in the Bible would’ve involved Jupiter and Venus together, which would’ve been the brightest “star” anyone had seen. The movie also explores the events surrounding Christ’s crucifixion, including the earthquake. Scientists have found evidence of a quake in 33 A.D.

Matthew 27:51 and 54 describe an earthquake that happened when Jesus died. Fim producer Elliot Wallach of Edify Films told Christian Headlines, “I want people to walk away going, ‘God’s Word is true.’ Even if it’s something so big and fantastic as the star, the Bible can handle the scrutiny. It’s one of the most important things I’ve ever done.” Wallach said a Bethlehem star that involved natural events is no less miraculous than what is often depicted in paintings or Hollywood movies.

He said, “The wise men had to feel like the whole universe was moved just for them, particularly when the star is hanging over Bethlehem.” Wallach added that the data behind the earthquake is convincing, saying, “The only other earthquake prior to that, it’s like 32 B.C. and another one like 320 A.D. If you’re going to take the Bible at its word, you have one earthquake to choose from.”

Wallach said he wants the film to impact individuals who love science and history but are skeptical of matters of faith. He himself was like that at one point. He said, “I wanted to know what was true not because I was raised that way, not because it was comfortable, not because it’s something that was expected of me — I wanted it to be based on science and facts.

He continued, “So having a film like this — for somebody else that might be seeking in the same way, it appeals to me more than anything I can say.” The film is the first installment in Thinking Man Film’s “Bible Cinema Roadshow,” which has a goal of bringing a Bible-themed film to theaters each month for the next year.

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