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End times expert Jeff Kinley and co-host Todd Hampson speculated openly about what the immediate effect of the Rapture will be on their “Prophecy Pros Podcast.” Kinley stated that 30 seconds after the Rapture will be a time of “shock, confusion, panic, terror and chaos” for nonbelievers. “You’re in a mall,” he said. “You’re at a football stadium. You’re on an airplane. You’re driving in a car. You’re walking down the street … school, wherever. And all of a sudden, scores of people just vanish from sight.” Hampson later noted that it will be a time of delayed clarity for those who have heard the Gospel but ignored its warnings. “There will be some people who are close enough to Christian teaching who will realize right off the bat, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the rapture that my sister was talking about, or my grandmother was telling me about or that I used to make fun of,” he said.

Both hosts pushed back against the idea that the Rapture is unbiblical and had previously spoken out against a CNN article that criticized end-time prophecies as causing “Rapture Anxiety” in current and former Christians. Although the word “Rapture” is not directly used in the Bible (the term comes from a Latin word meaning “carrying off”), the Greek word harpazo does, which also refers to “carrying off.” Kurt Willems of “The Theology Curator Podcast” has openly criticized the Rapture as a misunderstanding of the Bible. “What I’ve come to realize is that the church of my youth probably had the rapture all wrong,” he wrote in a blog post. “You see, the Bible flows from Creation (Gen 1-2) to Renewed Creation (Rev 21-22). This is the narrative of Scripture. Nothing in the text (if read in its proper context) alludes to the actual complete destruction of the planet. This world’s worth to the Creator runs deep, and because of this, the world as a whole ought to be intrinsically valuable to us.” Hampson and Kinley strongly disagreed with any view that took the Rapture as unbiblical. “[The Rapture] is a key aspect of the Lord’s return,” said Hampson. “Just like the first coming had two parts to it, the birth and then the ministry and the death and resurrection. So, too, the Lord’s return has two parts, and one of the ones that we wait for, Titus tells us, is ‘our blessed hope.’ It’s the rapture. It’s something we’re supposed to be encouraged by.”

Hampson noted that New Age circles are preemptively making excuses for a Rapture, saying, “In New Age teaching, for decades now, they have taught in various circles [and] in different forms … that there’s coming a time when all the people who are holding back progress will be taken from mother Earth or the universe will take them. [And that] the people that are taken are not taken to be with the Lord, but they’re taken out of here so that the world can finally rise to the level that it’s supposed to rise [and] that we’re holding them back. And eventually, the universe is going to answer.” He also noted that the confusion will lead to globalists taking over. “People are going to look for answers. … And I think there are evil people, globalists and others who will not hesitate for a second and realize this is the moment they’ve all been waiting for. This is the crisis that’s finally going to let them push everything over the edge,” he said. Both emphasized the continued need for evangelism, with Hampson saying, “So, it’s our job as believers now to keep telling people that because we don’t want anybody to experience it.”

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