Two days before Christmas, a miracle occurred amidst a tragedy in an Indiana home. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer, Michael Price, was at an Indiana Pacers game when a fire started in his home.

“It was about halftime at the game, and we got the call,” Price recalled in an interview with WTHR-TV. “A relative drove by because he lives close, and he and the neighbors called saying, ‘Your house is fully engulfed.’”

Unfortunately, by the time they finally arrived at their home, the damages were already done. Price reported that he lost everything in the house fire. Tragically, this included his beloved dog, Gus. Even though the damaging incident left him grieving and destitute, the police officer expressed that he remains grateful.

“We did lose a lot of material stuff; it’s everything you have,” Price stated optimistically. “You have to start over, but the best thing is nobody was home, and we still have what’s important to us.”

Despite the flames engulfing so many of their belongings, there was one item that was entirely unharmed by the fire: The Bible.

“There’s not even a mark on the pages,” Officer Michael Price said in astonishment to WXIN-TV.

Price displayed the Holy book to the press reporters when explaining how much the Bible meant to him. The immaculate condition of the Bible contrasted greatly with the state of their tarnished home.

“It opened my eyes real well,” Price shared with the press about the occurrence. “I mean, we’ve always been big believers and everything, but that, to me, means a whole lot.”

It is still unknown what began the fire, but the case is currently under investigation.

Thankfully, Price’s local community has gathered resources to help him and his family as they start to restore their lives. Their GoFundMe page raised twice as much as their original $10,000 goal.

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