Most of us don’t think about church as a place where we go to get our humor for the day, but these amusing church signs may make you reconsider this notion. These funny church signs from across the nation are among some of the best we’ve seen (and we’ve seen many). If you haven’t checked them out, you are really missing out on a good laugh or maybe even a reality check. Get ready to giggle with these nine funny church signs.

“Catch Up” With Jesus

If you thought the funniest part of this sign was the “Catch Up With Jesus,” you have to keep reading. They took it a step further with the “Lettuce Praise& Relish Him.” Then when they get to the “head to-ma-toes” line, I was done! I’ll take all these condiments to catch up with Jesus!

Who Stole the AC Unit?

This sign was clearly put up in the summertime when the heat was high. If you stole this church’s AC unit, just know they’re still looking for you!

Adam and Eve Missed This

They clearly didn’t read the terms and conditions, did they? What a funny play on both apples with an important lesson.

We Noah Guy!

This one reads like a corny dad joke but we still kind of like it. Make sure you share this one with the kids. It’s sure to put a little smile on their face.

What Forgiveness Really Does

Forgiveness has more power than many of us realize. This one is a little deeper than it reads on the surface.

The Truth About Traffic

I only want directions to the stairway to heaven. Who else is with me?

How Does Your Pet See You?

Nobody loves you more than your pet does. If you’re a pet owner, you just know.

Tweet Unto Others

What a cute play on the word “tweet” and the Golden Rule. I just want to be “tweeted” right!

Honk For Jesus 

The message of this one is straightforward: don’t text and drive! No distractions for me behind the wheel.

Laughter is good for the heart and soul. The messages featured on these marquee signs will make you laugh out loud, but also think about the power of God. Hopefully, you found these church signs as humorous as we did! Let us know which signs you found the funniest.  

-These church signs originally appeared on Bored Panda

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