Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, celebrated this week after having a successful campaign event in North Carolina. At the event, called “Evangelicals for Trump: Praise, Prayer and Patriotism”, Eric Trump focused on how Democrats will take away religious liberties that is father is proud to protect.

“I was absolutely disgusted two weeks ago during the National Democratic Convention…where they say the pledge of allegiance…but they forgot two words: ‘Under God’. I would have rather them not say the pledge at all,” Eric discussed during his speech.

“You look around and the Democratic party has become the party of the athiest…they have a crusade against Christ.”

Eric also had some concerns about the erosion of values in America and how those effects families, saying that it stems from “a lack of Christ”.

“What does that say about the nuclear family? We need more of that, and we need more people going to church as a family together on Sunday,” Eric Trump shared with rally-goers.

The event, held in City Church in Huntersville, North Carolina, was filled with supporters for the three-hour event. Along with Eric’s speech, several other faith leaders, including the president’s faith advisor Pastor Paula White, also made an appearance.

After the event, Eric wrote in a tweet, “Amazing afternoon with hundreds of Evangelicals in the great state of North Carolina! My father will ALWAYS protect God, faith and religious liberty in America!!”

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