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Pastor Tony Evans shared that before his wife Lois died, she expressed to her family that she saw “something outside earth’s realm,” a glimpse of heaven.

Lois, 70, had been battling bilary cancer. It is a rare form of cancer that develops in the bile duct system, which connects the liver, gallbladder, and small intestine.

The family had gathered around her in late December to say goodbye according to CBN News.

At the time, she shared with family gathered around her that she saw a “glimpse of heaven.”

“One of the things that I’ve observed in life and in scripture is that when people walk with God and He doesn’t take them suddenly, He will give them a glimpse of heaven while they’re still transitioning from earth,” he said. “He will let them know, not only that it’s time, but it’s okay.”

Lois also shared that she could see her late mother and her late father in visions.

“For example, she said to some who were gathered in the room, ‘Do you see my mother? Do you see her? She’s right over there by the fireplace.’ Do you see her? Why can’t you see her? On another occasion, she said, ‘My father. There’s my father.’ And there was no one in the room physically. She was seeing something as the time of her departure got closer.”

According to Pastor Evans, his wife said, “Two days, two days, take me up.” Two and a half days later, she passed away.

“She heard something, she saw something as the time of her departure got nearer. Like Stephen in Acts chapter 7 who, when he was being stoned to death, he says he saw heaven opened and Jesus standing on the right hand of the Father giving him a standing ovation,” Pastor Evans said.

“When the time of your departure comes, you want to be close enough to God that you can hear things that other folk can’t hear and see things that other folk can’t hear,” Pastor Evans expressed.

His wife lived a very full life. According to, Lois was employed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Grand Old Gospel Fellowship Ministry, Dallas Federal Savings and Loan, as well as numerous executive management positions with The Urban Alternative since its inception in 1982, including serving as Executive Vice President from 1989 to 1995. She served as Senior Vice President until 2019.

The website also notes that served in the office of the Senior Pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, National Religious Broadcasters Board, NRB Television Board, and The Urban Alternative Board of Directors. In addition, she was a member of Leadership Southwest, sponsored by the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce and served on the Board of the Christian Management Association. She also served as the 1st President of the Global Pastors’ Wives Network.

She is survived by her husband and her four children: Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony, Jr., and Jonathan, five granddaughters and eight grandsons, and two great-grandchildren.

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