So, Governor Rick Perry blamed the Gulf oil spill on an “act of God.”  Of course, “act of God” is a phrase used to describe something beyond human control, an unavoidable event.  But isn’t it also the case that the words convey theological meaning as well–implying that the Gulf spill was somehow predestined or ordained by divine design?  Perry gives into spiritual fatalism by attributing the terrible oil spill to divine purposes.  
The oil disaster in the Gulf, of course, has nothing to do with God and everything to do with greed, political corruption, and human destruction of natural resources.  No, Rick, this isn’t God.  This is BP and their outsourced farm team, it is the lack of regulation by decades of Republican policies regarding the oil industry, and it is the fact that we can’t seem to make the necessary changes toward a new energy economy.  As as Christian, I really wish people would stop blaming God for their own stupidity. 
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“Rick Perry: Oil Spill May Be An Act of God”

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