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Posting a new interview series with Ernie Hudson tomorrow! Check back – he did it in his Ghostbusters uniform!





The entire Scott Stapp series is now available on the home page of! Check it out and shrae it.

We have a ton of great content coming your way including an exclusive series documenting the return of Audio Adrenaline!

Our interview series continues with WWE Superstar, Lead singer, Former Dancing with Stars Contestant – Chris Jericho! Y2J!

After that will come a health series about DDPYoga from ex-wrestler and current yoga instructor Diamond Dallas Page. That is sure to get everyones heart pumping.




Enjoying the Scott Stapp interview series? Next up is former WWE Champion/The Best in the World/Y2J/Lead Singer of the Metal Band Fozzy/Christian/Stryper Fan CHRIS JERICHO!

I can’t explain how excited I am to share this one with you. His story is amazing and  we had one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure to conduct. Great guy and even if you’re not a wrestling fan you will enjoy his extremely inspirational story.

Our interview series with Scott Stapp launched today! Make sure to check out in the entertainment section

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