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joanarc_chat.jpgAren’t these lovely? They’re pocket prayer beads in honor of many Catholic saints with specific instructions on what to say or chant as you pray with them. As you know, saints are assigned specific domains: Saint Monica is the patron saint of married women; St. Christopher is the saint of bachelors, travelers, and gardeners; St. Therese is the saint of AIDS sufferers and the sickly; and St. Clare is the saint of needle workers, television and television writers (go figure).
I’m asking the Vatican for a reliable Blogging Saint since blogging five days a week, while mostly delightful, can sometimes seem like Chinese water torture.
GiGiBeads has prayer beads in honor of notable folks like C.S. Lewis and M.L. King, Jr. You can also speak to them about custom rosaries.
If you’re wanting to read about more about saints both ancient and modern-day, “The Saints’ Guide to Happiness: Practical Lessons in the Life of the Spirit” by Robert Ellsberg sounds excellent.

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