Good news for Lindsay Lohan: in her next film she’s scheduled to co-star with Shirley MacLaine!

Any exposure to this meditating mama of the New Age could help Lohan tremendously. MacLaine does an hour of xigong every morning, and once said this to journalist Andrew Duncan: “I have such a rich spiritual life. Most people take drugs to experience that.”

MacLaine goes on to add: “I’ve only smoked two joints in my life–once at the Grosvenor House in London and it made me so hungry I nearly ate the furniture, and the other time at a party near here. I stared at a TV test pattern for 14 hours. I don’t need drugs to have imaginative fantasies.”

True, co-star Jane Fonda apparently didn’t get through to Lohan in her last film, but there’s always hope. Have you noticed that you always meet the people you need when you’re ready for them?

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