Last week, we were talking in the posts about the pain of nightly jaw grinding. As it happens, this month’s Alternative Medicine magazine (now on newstands) has a whole article on the subject of TMJD, which stands for temporo-mandibular joint disorder. Turns out the problem can stem from many more things than stress, and since facial and jaw pain occurs most frequently in women of childbearing age, researchers have recently started looking into the role of hormones like estrogen. As to a cure, a multi-faceted approach can help. An excerpt:

“Emerging evidence suggests that some patients benefit from acupuncture and Chinese herbs; naturopathic treatment, which may involve hands-on healing techniques, such as Reiki; and healthy lifestyle strategies, such as proper nutrition and regular exercise.” Yoga and relaxation training are also said to be helpful.

The article includes a useful sidebar of resources. Among them: the TMJ Association, a patient support and advocacy group.

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