Chattering Mind

by Dr. Susan Corso

When I moved to Boston, a friend in California told me there was someone here I must meet. Let’s call her Ms. Boston. He gave me her numbers and every time I went to call her, I COULD NOT make myself do it. There was no explaining it.

Finally, circumstances arranged themselves so my California friend was in Boston and he arranged our meeting. Ms. Boston and I connected immediately—soul sisters, no question. The first time I met her she recommended that I work with a man named Dr. John Wyrick. She told me he was a “karma doctor.”

The long and the short of Ms. Boston is that her purpose was to introduce me to the karma doc (as well as the compassionate vet who euthanized my blessed familiar cat, Charles). I haven’t seen or heard from her since. Sometimes I think we meet one person just so we’ll meet other ones.

John Wyrick is an amazing man. He’s a Sufi sheikh, a chiropractor, a purveyor of spiritual truths, and he’s the real deal. My first session with him pointed to karmic patterns of relating that I very much wanted to change. Through his diagnostic ability to see the human aura, John blew me away.

Basically, he works with what are called in Sanskrit samskaras. One definition I’ve heard of the word is ghosts. One I like better is: Imagine an old vinyl record. Records start out as plain vinyl discs. Then, the grooves are put in the disc, and the song is put in the grooves. Here’s the thing: you can erase the song from the disc, but unless you re-press the record, the grooves stay. Grooves = samskaras.

His Nirodha Karma Healing website begins with a question: Does your life ever seem conspicuously bound by patterns that emerge and re-emerge over and over again? Oh yeah.

It turns out that after doing over 20,000 sessions with clients, patterns of samskaras became clear to Dr. Wyrick. Patterns like orphan, slave, widow, lost child, defeated warrior—there are hundreds and we all have lots of them. Not only that but he discovered how to resolve the patterns with what he calls Radiant Intentionality. Nirodha means cessation. What happens is we stop having our energy wrapped up in our samskaras. He describes it as waking from a bad dream and realizing it was just a dream.

After my first session with John, I was amazed to find that a grieving pattern I have carried since I was a young child gradually dissolving (and continuing to dissolve a couple years later) leaving me much more available to joy. Indeed, John says that once the energy wrapped up in one’s samskaras is released, then one’s dharma pattern becomes available, such as writer, musician, artist, healer, dancer, scholar, leader.

Since that first time, I’ve worked with him several times and sent many people to see him. Each has reported glowing changes. If you’re in the Boston area where he lives and works, consider connecting with Dr. John Wyrick’s Nirodha Karma Healing. He also travels, so call anyway, Boston or no.

As for Ms. Boston, bless her! She sent me direct to a healer I needed.

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